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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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Entertainment, Hollywood, gaming, sports and wrestling news; WWE, boxing, UFC..


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Rock's 2013 schedule...

Pro wrestling and movie fans - add yet another production shoot to The Rock's commitments in First Quarter 2013. Rock noted Sunday during a "Rock Talk" Twitter Q&A that filming begins in February on his new TNT show, "The Hero."

"I wanted to create @TheHeroTNT to entertain millions & give people a shot at personal greatness. We shoot in FEB!" Rock tweeted. "My schedule is hellacious & my goals I've chosen to achieve are HARD. So, my daily focus on training is my anchor."

As for the first month of 2013, Rock reinforced that he's anticipating facing C.M. Punk, who is currently injured, for the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble.

"I can't wait to face @CMPunk for the @WWE Championship at Royal Rumble. Been training for months for this moment," Rock tweeted.

His favorite artist: “Sam Cooke is my fav artist. #Soul I love ALL genres of music – from hip hop to orchestral to traditional country..”

If he would post for Playgirl: “I’d pose for Playgirl, but there just ain’t enough pages to showcase me baby! << TONS of cheese on that answer.;).”

His upcoming movies: “Im excited for all my 2013 movies: SNITCH, GI JOE, PAIN & GAIN & FAST 6. Tons of hard work & eager for you to see… FAST 6 is gonna be killer. Stakes are higher, cars are cooler and Im tougher than a 2 dollar steak well done. Michael Bay’s PAIN & GAIN is a very unique & cool movie. The most challenging role I’ve ever played. April 2013.”

His new show on TNT, The Hero: “I wanted to create @TheHeroTNT to entertain millions & give people a shot at personal greatness. We shoot in FEB!”

His favorite co-star: “In Hollywood, I’ve been lucky to work w/ so many talented & beautiful leading ladies, but #JulieAndrewsIsQueen”

Future plans: “As an actor, producer or even in @WWE – the goal is to be a positive force & entertain the world. And keep growin!”

In addition to filming new movies and squeezing in WWE appearances to hype the Rumble and WrestleMania 29, Rock will also be promoting movies scheduled for theatrical release.

The Rock comments on heat with CM Punk...

When quizzed on Twitter if he has heat with Punk - Rock replied, "Of course not my friend. I love Phillip & he loves me."

WWE announcer Jim Ross blogs on The Rock and CM Punk...

What will close the Royal Rumble: "Already getting questions about what attraction will close the show at WWE Royal Rumble, @CMPunk vs. @TheRock or the Rumble match? I haven't a clue nor do I care as either choice would be fine with me but if I had to guess I'd guess it would be the WWE Title bout. Again, don't know and don't care as I will be watching one of my favorite PPV events of the year.

"My guess is that Punk will push Rock inside the ring from bell to bell unlike Rock has been pushed since, arguably, the @steveaustinBSR days. That's not taking any thing away from @JohnCena who wrestles at a different pace that Austin did or Punk likes to. How does even an athlete as gifted as @TheRock prepare for what awaits inside the 20 foot ring? Cardio is great but nothing replicates wrestling long matches better than wrestling long matches."

Mark Wahlberg and The Rock pump iron for Michael Bay's 'Pain & Gain'...

Based on a 1999 Miami New Times story, Pain & Gain is an action comedy that follows a pair of bodybuilders who turn to extortion, kidnapping, and murder. The film has long been the Transformers director’s passion project. In 2007, Bay told media that he became attached to the movie because he loved the characters, promising there wouldn’t be too many explosions. “It’s like a mixture of Fargo and Pulp Fiction and it’s all true,” he said. “And they’re all knuckleheads. It’s a fun character piece. No action. One car crash.” The movie tag-line - "Their American Dream is Bigger than yours".

50 Cent says boxing should be more like WWE...

World famous music rapper 50 Cent has an idea to make professional boxing regain some of its past popularity. That suggestion is to become more like WWE. In a news article with USA today, the rapper turned boxing promoter suggested the sport entwine some WWE like theatrics to spice up the struggling sport. 50 Cent went on to state that the mainstream public doesn't question the validity of boxing like they do professional wrestling. The statements made by 50 Cent are somewhat valid.

It's true that boxing may need to step up their overall game if they want to compete with the combative, circus like World Wrestling Entertainment and Ultimate Fighting Championship. Vince McMahon transformed pro wrestling in the mid eighties and revolutionized the sport that was formerly held in smoky bingo halls across the country. The Ultimate Fighting Championship league followed suite several years later. The flashier more pronounced representation led to a lucrative television series, engrossing merchandise deals and high pay per view buy rates. Professional boxing has been dragging its feet and hasn't hoped onto the sports entertainment bandwagon. If history is any indication, what worked for WWE and UFC, could also work for boxing.

50 Cent also mentions that pro boxing will not suffer from a more sports entertainment atmosphere because the public does not question the validity of professional boxing. This statement is untrue. For too many decades to list there has been reports of pro boxers taking a dive and mysterious phantom punches. If boxing does add more entertainment to their pay-per-views and programming, they do run a risk of being lumped into the predetermined world of pro wrestling.

If you need proof of this possibility, one needs to look no further than Vince McMahon's foray into football. His XFL league took a more sports entertainment approach to pro ball. Despite being legitimate, the American public found the XFL to be somewhat tainted because of its new approach. The XFL didn't last more than one season and is widely considered a flop. WWE's Vince McMahon cut his losses and run - returning focus to pro wrestling WWE style.

50 Cent is on the money when he says boxing needs to add some entertainment to make it more hip and relevant. But they have to be cautious - it could make or break the already damaged sport which continues to take a weekly and monthly but kicking from the WWE and UFC in ratings, advertising rates, viewership, and just about any other sector you want to take a jab at.

Garry Cook to Expand UFC in the UK...

Global Director of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), Marshall Zelaznik, advised that the hand over to the UK under former Man City CEO Garry Cook will break new boundaries.

Cook has recently spent some time in Las Vegas, USA, to plan his strategy.

The UFC has already announced an event that will take place at Wembley Area on Feb 16th.

Cook said that “While we are working on finalising the fight card, UFC and fight fans can rest assured that we will bring another compelling card. You can bet that with us returning to London we will bring top fighters from the UK and around the world”.

Cook elaborated saying that there is a high demand for UFC events in London, the last event was wold-out (Bisping vs. Akiyama) and Cook believes they’ll have no problem selling tickets for future events.

Zelaznik recently said that the UFC has “a very good foothold in England” but he thinks that due to Cook’s insights into the England’s sporting culture he will take the UFC to “even greater heights.” Zelaznik went on to say that he believes under Cook the popularity of UFC will continue to grow in England and that more events will take place in the future.

2012 WWE Slammy Awards Taking Place On Next Week's RAW...

WWE has announced that the 2012 Slammy Awards will take place during next week's show from the the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA.

WWE will be using their RAWactive features and the WWE App for fan interaction during the Awards.

Sting Potentially Negotiating With WWE...

Is there anything happening?

- There has been speculation that WWE has been pursuing Sting for the WWE Hall of Fame and even a possible match at WrestleMania XXIX. This was due to Triple H recently mentioning him in interviews, mentioning Sting more often than usual, and the fact that Sting's yearly TNA deal ends at the end of 2012. According to a source in the writing team, there is no truth to the rumors that he is coming in. A source stated the following…

"The current TNA lawsuit has everything frozen for the moment. WWE will not even internally discuss Sting. That just won't happen. Until this lawsuit settles, finishes or is dismissed, there's no way any discussion about Sting is going to happen. His name has never come up, and I can practically guarantee you that it won't."

The source also added the following…

"The idea of Sting vs. Undertaker, Sting vs. Punk, or Sting vs. Cena was something a lot of the young writers were dreaming about until a senior member reminded them there's not a chance of it happening this year."

2013 WWE Studios movie releases; Wrestling and movie connection; Dwayne Johnson thoughts...

WWE Studios has released the full line-up of their 2013 movie releases, some of which will be theatrical releases and others will be straight-to-DVD.

If the last few years of WWE Studios flicks are anything to go by, it will be a mixed bag, but the good news is that there should be one or two gems and pleasant surprises in there... not just B and C grade stuff. Wrestling fans... you got to wonder what it would take for 'The Rock' to sign up to Vince McMahon's WWE Studios - even for 1 or 2 films. Maybe the answer is more money than McMahon is currently willing to offer 'The Great One'. Speaking of The Rock, be sure to check out 'The Hero' when it finally hits television. Time will tell if it finally makes it to Rupert Murdoch influenced Foxtel, but it stands to reason if the public let Foxtel know they want more of 'The Rock', it may help achieve the positive result that fans are looking for.

The following is the 2013 WWE Studios movie schedule:

- "No One Lives" (Jan. 2013): WWE star in supporting role is Brodus Clay. - "Dead Man Down": WWE star in supporting role is Wade Barrett. - "Marine 3: Homefront": WWE star in the leading role is The Miz. - "12 Rounds 2: Reloaded": WWE star in the leading role is Randy Orton. - "The Hive": WWE star in a supporting role is David Otunga, plus Halle Berry in a leading role. - "Leprechaun: Origins": WWE star in the leading role is Hornswoggle. - 2014: Scooby-Doo themed movie when "Scooby Do and the Gang go to WrestleMania."

Keep checking the WWE Studios Facebook and Media Man network for updates.

WWE World RAW Tour: Tours Australia in July 2013...

Presented by: WWE & Dainty Group

WWE’s unique brand of action packed entertainment is returning to Australia with WWE RAW.

Fans will be able to see all their favorite WWE Superstars and Divas including John Cena®, CM Punk™, Ryback™, Rey Mysterio®, The Miz™, Dolph Ziggler™, Kofi Kingston™, Zack Ryder™, Eve™, R-Truth™, AJ™ and many more*. * Line-up subject to change

TOUR DATES*: Friday 26 July - Rod Laver Arena Melbourne Saturday 27 July - Allphones Arena Sydney Sunday 28 July - Brisbane Entertainment Centre Monday 29 July - Adelaide Entertainment Centre Tuesday 30 July - Perth Arena

Foxtel to launch a new movie service...

Foxtel will launch a simplified movie service for its subscribers from next year.

The new Movies & Premium Drama package will replace the Showtime and Movie Network services, Foxtel announced on Sunday.

It will offer high definition ad-break free movies as well an increased On Demand offering.

Those who subscribe for the package will have access to seven Foxtel movie channels and the dedicated premium drama channel, showcase, which will screen award-winning drama series, many of which will be broadcast express from the US.

Foxtel chief executive Richard Freudenstein says this will change the way Australians will be able to experience movies.

"Our research told us customers want one destination for their movies, as well as simple navigation to find the movie they feel like watching. The seven dedicated and intuitively themed movie channels will ensure we make it as easy as possible for people to find and watch the movie they feel like watching," Freudenstein said in a statement.

Current subscribers to both movie packages will automatically receive all seven new Foxtel movie channels as well as showcase, World Movies and the two +2 channels (Premiere and showcase).

The new package will be available from January 1.

Richard Branson's £1 Million Wager on Virgin...

Billionaire Richard Branson is willing to bet that his flagship airline has a future—at least until 2018.

In a web blog post Monday, Branson proposed a £1 million ($1.6 million) wager with the chief executive of British Airways’ parent company (IAG), Willie Walsh, after Walsh said that Delta Air Lines (DAL) would likely acquire control of Branson’s Virgin Atlantic “and suggested the deal could ultimately see the end of the Virgin Atlantic brand,” the Guardian reported Dec. 9.

“This is wishful thinking and totally misguided,” Branson wrote on his company’s website, referring to the airline as “my baby.” “Will BA never learn? Let’s see how much they believe this. Let them put their money where their mouth is.” The Virgin Group founder is offering to pay the money to British Airways if the Virgin Atlantic name disappears within five years. If not, Branson proposed that BA pay Virgin employees the same amount. A British Airways’ representative in New York did not immediately return a call or e-mail seeking comment.

Delta is negotiating with Singapore Airlines (SIA) to acquire that carrier’s stake in Virgin Atlantic, according to media reports. On Monday, Bloomberg News reported that Delta is close to a deal and would pay $300 million to $500 million for Singapore’s 49 percent stake. Such a move would help Atlanta-based Delta bolster its presence at London Heathrow, one of the world’s most congested airports. In his comments to the newspaper, Walsh said, “I can’t see Delta operating the Virgin brand—Delta believe they are the No. 1 airline in the world.”

Walsh’s comments came as Virgin Atlantic announced plans to begin offering its first domestic service next spring, with as many as two dozen daily flights among Manchester, London Heathrow, and Scotland. The new flights, operated by Aer Lingus (AERL), would help to feed domestic traffic to Virgin’s long-haul service from London, which suffered a blow when British Airways’ parent, International Consolidated Airlines Group, acquired British Midland International.

*Special thank you to WWE, Pro Wrestling Torch, Wrestling Inc, Jim Ross and Google News for assistance and references in compiling this news report.


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