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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Online casinos and poker rooms hack into clubs

The worst kept secret in the industry is way out in the open... Internet casinos and online poker rooms have had a considerable negative effect on the bricks and mortar casino and club industry.

Granted, one armed bandits are not deal in traditional casinos and clubs, however findings released from government, clubs and online measurement companies, to name a few, all clearly demonstrate the internet influence on the gambling sector.

Bricks and mortar casinos and clubs who fail to integrate a sound internet strategy into their business, marketing and media plans are going to find the going particularly tough.

In recent months Australian gaming tycoon, James Packer, head of PBL Media, has even pulled out of casino deals. Could it be long until Packer starts making much more noise about the online casino sector? Perhaps a NineMSN savour in the wind.

Popular tourism destinations such as Bondi Beach, Cairns and the entertainment district of Western Australia are likely to not be adversely effected as some older and less densely populated venues.

Clearly, the push is on to attract both new players, and younger players. To achieve this establishments will need machines that can compete with the best that the online casino and poker sector offers, and that is not going to be easy.

There's room for both traditional casinos and internet casinos, however the stakes remain as high as ever.

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